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Bridging the Gap in Support

Meet Mac(sen)

Mac is a 6 year old Springador. He has a loving, calm nature who is also happy to play fetch and run around.


Mac originally lived in Wales with his previous owners before being re-homed with Mike in Scotland in 2022.


Dogs are more commonly being used as Therapy Dogs or Comfort Dogs, having an affectionate sweet nature, Mac can enhance a persons health and wellbeing. 

Mac can be used for visits in schools and with one to one Mentoring Sessions.

Children need to be listened to and feel validated. From those needing a listening ear, to those refusing to attend school or are displaying challenging behaviour. Contact me about 1:1 tailored sessions and small group work. 

Children need to be listened to and feel validated. I work from home in Cawdor in a relaxed, homely cottage delivering 1:1 tailored sessions. We are also on the door step of Cawdor Woods, ideal for an adventure and a chat.

It's normal to wonder whether you are normal, it's normal to struggle, it's normal to need some advice from time to time, it's normal to feel alone. Have a look at this page to see where you can find information and advice. 

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