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One to One Mentoring

Children need to be listened to and feel validated. 

I work from home in Cawdor in a relaxed, homely environment. From here I can offer a listening ear, sharing stories and advice where appropriate. I can also bring in action the many resources I have used over the years. We are also on the doorstep of Cawdor Woods, ideal for an adventure and a chat.  

Self Esteem & Confidence

Self-esteem and confidence is a long standing issue for many generations. I want to help young people find their inner strength and belief. Having someone who is not emotionally connected to them, validate their feelings, and recognise their positive qualities can often give them the lift they need to continue on a upward spiral of confidence and self-belief. 

Behaviour & Anger Management

Unwanted behaviour and showing anger is often a communication need for the children and young people in our care. Being someone away from the emotion of the relationship, I can offer your child the space where they can explore their feelings and emotions, without feeling they are going to cause more upset. 

Resilience & Friendships

In this modern world of technology and social media, the younger generation can find it hard to navigate their emotions and feelings in terms of friendships and socialising. Then the world entered a pandemic, making it for some, even harder to find their way in the world. 



Moving house, clubs, schools, year groups; what ever the transition maybe, it can cause negative feelings and upset, not everybody likes change. I can offer support to help your child deal with change in their life. 

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