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Children and young people communicate through their behaviour. They can struggle to regulate and articulate their feelings and wishes. Families can often have the best interest of their child at heart, but often, like their children, struggle to communicate this in what we see as an appropriate way. Schools are pressured to gain high grades and keep attendance percentages close to 100% as possible. Families and children’s priorities are often survival, day to day and fitting into the social norms of their environment. Working with the high priority pupils is often time consuming and restrictive. Services are stretched and thresholds high. My aim is to bridge that gap between all involved with the child/young person.

Often it is the more informal chats with children and young people that have the most impact. The off chance chat in the office or walking through the yard. I can expand on this by meeting the young person at a mutual location for a hot chocolate or a walk with Mac. 

Having an education background, I understand that more often than not, any intervention has to be measured. We can work on this together.

I can offer more formal approaches for specific work; ​

  • Behaviour & Anger Management

  • Resilience & Friendships

  • Zones of Regulations

  • Blobs

  • Well Being Assessments

  • IBPs

  • Self Esteem & Confidence 

Want an informal chat?
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